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Factory direct DIY handmade jewelry chain colors

中国广东省东莞市威思塔五金制造工厂是一家成立于2000年的终端厂家,我们制造的多种饰品链条用途广泛,可用于手工DIY制造饰品,包包配件,装饰工艺品等,更多创意取决于您的想法。我们的产品可以按照客户要求定制尺寸,颜色,产品规格,产品制造材质等,欢迎与我们取得联系:[email protected] 立即发送邮件给我们吧~~最好的价格,高品质准时交付装运,这些是可靠的.

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China Weisita Hardware Manufacturing Factory is a terminal manufacturer established in 2000. We manufacture a variety of jewelry chains with a wide range of uses, which can be used for DIY jewelry, bag accessories, decorative crafts, etc. More creativity depends on your ideas. Our products can be customized in size, color, product specifications, product manufacturing materials, etc. according to customer requirements. Please contact us: [email protected] send us an email immediately ~ ~ The best price, high quality and on-time delivery and shipment are reliable.

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